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January 19th, 2017 
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Homes in Pickering

For your next home, Pickering, Ontario should be forefrontin your thoughts. With a population just shy of 100,000, the city of Pickering is a pleasant suburb of Toronto. Full of ethnic and linguistic diversity, the city enjoys a low crime rate and stable economic and population growth. It’s a lovely place to raise a family or simply settle in, with a number of attractive features that make it a good match for a variety of people.

Economically, Pickering has a vast job market and a low unemployment rate. While its power plant is its biggest source of jobs, the city is home toover 5,000 businesses in a wide variety of industries including electronics, manufacturing, water purification, and more in addition to retail and hospitality. It is also home to a number of restaurants as well as a mall andother retailers, and was even named one of the top ten Canadian cities to growa business in! This helps make it a stable, viable place to call home.

For recreation and leisure, Pickering has a lot to offer. A museum and a five branch library are just the beginning; the city also hosts a number of parks, beaches, preserves, and trails in addition to the mall mentioned above. The Pickering Recreation Center offers residents access to a multitudeof programs and benefits, including a health club, a wellness center and spa,and many different sports such as racquetball, squash, tennis, and swimming. The city of Pickering is also committed to the arts, and strives to nurture the rich local culture. In addition to the local arts center, the city sponsors anart exhibition annually where local artists display their works in the Civic building.

Of special note is the picturesque Nautical Village; whilethe village is certainly a popular tourist feature, it has just as much tooffer Pickering residents. Boating, cafés, an art gallery, shopping, and freemusical entertainment paired with charming architecture make it great for anevening out or a weekend getaway.

Pickering also strives to be a green city. Though environmental concerns are ubiquitous in urban life, the city is committed to the pursuit of sustainability in all aspects of life. It takes pride in its eco-management,and has initiatives for cleaner air, energy conservation, water conservation, and more. It also recognizes that children have a large stake in the future ofthe environment, and works to invest its younger residents in its environmental initiatives via the Eco-Kids program. This program teaches children about the environment and the importance of sustainability and environmental protection.

Of course, the environment isn’t the only reason Pickering reaches out to its youngest residents. Nearly one-fifth of the city’s residentsare under the age of 15, and Pickering as has a large school network to educate its student body. It has 19 public schools, served by the Durham District School Board, and 9 Catholic schools in addition to a private Montessori school that operates several locations through the city.

In sum, Pickering has a lot to offer potential new residents– a stable job climate, low unemployment rate, low crime rate, and numerous opportunities for recreation in addition to being an environmentally conscious city.

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